Gallery - Grundy Banjos


Hamish Davidons holds his banjo above water
See Hamish Davidson play his Grundy Flint River banjo on Australian television show, Spicks and Specks (opens in YouTube)


Lonnie Hoppers playing his Grundy banjo

The following songs are taken from the album "Lifetime Harvest", by Lonnie Hoppers & New Union. Lonnie plays his Grundy Flint River banjo.


Jeff Scroggins with his Grundy Flintriver banjo

"My new Grundy banjo is an amazing instrument. Its power - especially in the low end - still catches me by surprise, and that growl really blows me away. The amazing craftsmanship and attention to detail make a visually stunning instrument as well. To my ear it captures the prewar sound more than other banjos being made today."

Jeff Scroggins


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