Specifications - Grundy Banjos

The Rim


Grundy Banjos use only superior quality rim blanks and resonator blanks. Two types of rims made from Acer Saccharum (rock maple) can be installed; either a traditional steam bent three ply rim or the more recently available one piece cold bent rock maple rim.

The Resonator


The resonators are made to prewar specifications using a curly maple construction with an inner poplar lining with a beautifully highly figured Curly Maple or Big Leaf Maple (Acer Macrophyllum) cosmetic veneer on the rear and the sides. Walnut or Mahogany is also available on request. Dual concentric rings can also be added to a resonator on request and, like the rims, the resonators are without doubt the very best made in the world today.



The necks are shaped and profiled from highest figured and prettiest curly maple available. The necks are shaped to Grundy standard profile or to that of the customer's liking. Laurie and Linda have travelled many thousands of miles in the USA seeking out the very best and most beautifully figured well seasoned neck wood. All Grundy banjos have a double action truss rod which allows the neck to be driven forward or backward to allow for consistent buzz free fretting through all seasonal changes and also fine minimal adjustments of the action (string height) to some extent.

The Grundy F34 Tone Ring

Tone ring

F34" means "formula 1934" and it specifies the quantities of the elements of copper, tin, lead and zinc of which the bronze alloy formula is comprised. The F34 bronze formula is cast to exact specifications as the result of spectrometer tests conducted on the tone ring in banjo once owned by Earl Scruggs and used on the legendary recording of his instrumental, Ground Speed on the classic Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs "Foggy Mountain Banjo" album. This Banjo, a 1934 RB4 #9639-9 is now owned by Mr Paul Hopkins of D P Hopkins Banjo Inc Shelbyville, Tennessee, USA. Machinist John Stanley of Queensland, Australia cuts the tone rings to the same dimensions for shape and weight as in Paul's '34 RB 4 banjo. There have been many tone ring alloy variables produced over many years. However, Paul and I know that our findings matched one of those variables as in the 1934 RB4 #9639-9 from the golden era of banjos.

Flange and Tension Hoop


The Flange and tension hoop is cast from the same F34 alloy formula as the tone ring and machined to Laurie Grundy's own specifications. The flange slots are centralized between the rim and the resonator and therefore the flange is a little wider and will fit snugly into the resonator. The tension hoop is machined to allow for a slightly more rounded top edge and is thicker than standard.

The Grundy F34 designed Tone ring, flanges and tension hoops are exclusive to the Grundy Banjo Company LLC and are not for sale as a separate item.

Build and Finish


The shaping and profiling of the necks, fretting, machining of rim for tone ring and flange fit, resonator machining and fit up, bindings, neck to rim fit staining and lacquer finishing and overall detailing and quality control etc is performed at both the Grundy Banjo workshops at Eminence Missouri USA and Yarra Junction Victoria Australia.

Only the very best of premium products available go into the crafting of a Grundy banjo. Highly skilled crafts people are chosen to undertake the specialized areas involved with my banjo production. Eg: steam bending, inlays and alloy sand casting and electro plating.

Laurie Grundy builds and fits all parts precisely to ensure maximum transmission of vibrations through the instrument for clear projection of tone and volume and ease of playing.

"I have put many years of experience, experimentation and thought into the detailing of my banjos and each one receives my personal and undivided attention from start to finish and is not delivered until it is as good as it can be. I am fortunate to have such dedicated contributions in my production from John Stanley, Denis Eastmure and Steve Gill. These craftsmen are perfectionists and understand my goals and objectives in producing the highest quality banjo that can possibly be made. I can confidently and proudly say that my Flint River Banjos are second to none because of their input."

Laurie Grundy ... Principle of Grundy Banjo Company LLC



24 carat Gold and Nickel plating is done in the USA by Ron Satterfield of Old Hickory, TN and in Australia by Specialised Electroplaters of Nunawading Victoria Australia both companies do superb work.


The late Denis Eastmure of Laverton Victoria Australia could only be described as an 'inlay genius'. Denis produced the phenomenal hand crafted inlays that can be seen on my earlier banjos, including the "Flintriver". Denis was not only a highly respected associate of mine but also a great friend and he will be truly missed.

In more recent times I have been sourcing my inlay work from Randall Wyatt of Searcy Arkansas who is also an exceptional inlay craftsman. Randall produces the inlay for my "Shawnee" banjos as well as the "Lonnie Hoppers Signature Model".


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